Testing the LED strip cylinder

A project log for Radial LED Projection ISS Tracker

A demonstration of an efficient way to use a fairly small number of addressable LEDs to convey polar coordinate information

bornachbornach 09/29/2018 at 18:260 Comments

This step took a bit of trial and error. My first cylinder was too small and the beginning and end of the LED strip overlapped too much. I measured the overlap and remade a slightly bigger cylinder.

It is a good idea the test the LED strip frequently after each step in the build to make sure I didn't damage anything. Here I wrote a simple APA102 test program in Python to run on the Raspberry Pi that toggles the GPIO pins to send the RGB data to the strip. This would have been more difficult to do with a WS2812 NeoPixel without the use of a prepackaged neopixel library.