• Status: Delayed

    true07/08/2019 at 21:32 0 comments


    This project will likely still see the light of day, but not for DEF CON 27.

    I guess I need to know - do people want to build a videogame-playing robot after all?

  • Robot Progress

    true10/01/2018 at 00:50 0 comments

    Current progress:

    The project photo basically shows what we have so far - a board shape and rough component layout.

    What is done:

    • I have most of the schematic done
    • Most of the hardware is figured out and decided, the only thing left is power components
    • The robot firmware builds (I think)

    What is not done:

    • Parts placement is not done
    • Final artwork needs to be completed
    • Code needs to be written for the sub MCU, OLED
    • Some pins need to be rearranged on the robot MCU, and I need to make sure these changes are compatible with my old robot hardware

    Something to note: this is a clone of my original NES / SNES multitap robot. It's not the best robot out there anymore, but is still capable of playing many NES and some SNES games. I am using this design as I am familiar with it and the robot portion already works. I have enough things on my plate...

    Over the following weeks I will be streaming progress on twitch, usually on weekdays, showing progress on this badge and other ongoing projects.

    My original goal was to have this done in prototype form by the time of the Hackaday Superconference, but I can't afford to go ... so the current hopeful date to have the board laid out with completed artwork is the end of October, ready to be sent out for a prototype run some time in November.

    My goal is to sell these to help fund the WP DEF CON 27 badge - so yes, if you want one, these will be on sale at some point. Still not sure how I want to handle this yet - I would like to deliver at DC27 but I know not everyone can make it, so I may have an option to ship these out. Will see when we get there.

    Also, I will be providing full source code and schematics for this design. Remember, this is a kit - and as a kit, having these things are vital. There will be a full assembly guide as well.