Hardware Update - Long time coming

A project log for Not Just Another Coffee Table

Custom coffee table with a DCC train track, automation, LEDs and a web interface

Jack FlynnJack Flynn 06/09/2019 at 20:350 Comments

Status Update

So it's been a long time since I last posted in December. We had a successful first run of the table before it failed spectacularly and we lost the ability to light up the leds. Since then the electronics have stalled but the work on the layout has been amazing. It's truely a work of art and looks amazing. I'm hoping we find the time to get some proper details put up because the amount of work in the artistic side of the layout is shocking. 

Electronics Update

Now that the majority of the paint,gravel, clay, paper, and everything else has been put down we've been able to build a complete picture of the final numbers for the electronics. 

Single Colour LEDs69
Car Series LEDs10

This also includes 1 Raspberry Pi, a Teensy LC as well as a strip of 5v RGB LED Strip Lighting. I need to get onsite to setup the voltage control for some of the leds as we're using a PC ATX power supply to get 12v and 5v and I need to PWM the 12v for the Car LEDs. The Cars come premade with a set of 4 leds in series with a current limiting resistor. Because the LEDs are in series we need a higher (12v) voltage to cover the voltage drop of the 4 leds. 

Some pics of under the table;