AEC = Acoustic to Electric Conversion
CAPOs let u transpose tuning quickly.

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Electric guitar was embedded into the acoustic guitar and it has three 1/4" mono jacks for audio. The original piezo pickup outputs separately I installed it myself. Technically I can call this a stereo guitar even though the sound isnt stereo spaced like equidistant to human ears. Updated Project with Art by DJA and stickers trimed/placed by me and blurred by the clear coat sadly. Its a fairly simple project I did it with kitchen knife and drill and soldering iron and wires. Theres a photo gallery at a video has detailed nfoI am trying to embed some things like I did with the g0-stop page at g0-s.topMy google account has been disabled so I cannot add more videos to youtube or gplus more

UPDATE: I broke a string and I made it into a guitar pic since I watched this video review on gimmicky guitar gear on youtube I will post a picture.

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