openInvent OI TOKEN alternative to QR CODE

An OI ToKEN could be useful for many aspects but I wanted to use it with comic books to store a repository of photo-clickable audio files.

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Oi -Vei! My Diph-Thong indicates that I am excited to introduce the OI token Prototype.
In its heart we have a hashtag with binary scoring to represent many number combinations. There are some repeating number combinations. And this would be great to implement with ARTools Or QRTools or OITools or FlarTools whatever.

The primary purpose of the OI token isnt to SHAZAAM!! things or snapCHAT into vibrochats or browse the web like minecraft while battling advertisements see Instead OI tokens may provide sound or other interactive feedback.

Imagine reading comic books with an Augmented Reality camera but the text neednt be OCR'd or picoTTS'd with a simple click the soundFont Loads

Also there is a font available for public download

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