Yet another shield for Python board

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Jussi LuopajärviJussi Luopajärvi 10/03/2018 at 11:460 Comments

This week I should receive a new shield PCB for the collector. I think this shield is already 5th or 6th version, so there has been quite many iterations. This one is a bigger change as this is the first version with surface mount components and sensor connectors are changed from 0,254" header pins to JST SH connectors. There is two reasons why I wanted to change the connectors. First one is surface mounting and smaller size. Second reason is probably the bigger one. With JST connector you can make sure that the connector is always plugged in the correct way.

Hopefully this helps me to reduce the height and weight of the package. It's still not going to be what is my target but at least one step closer. Also hoping that I get to test this one during the next weekend. I will definitely post some pictures if that happens.

The next step will be a version without Python board, so get everything on one board...