First version without Python board

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Datalogging device for designed RC car racing

Jussi LuopajärviJussi Luopajärvi 10/20/2018 at 15:500 Comments

A time for another update as I received the first PCBs for a basic logger version which is completely own design and doesn't need a python board as a base. My friend drives a 1/12th pan car which really small and there is no extra space available, so python board shield version is a no go. I thought that maybe that is a good place to design completely own version of the logger. My friend gave a space constraint for the device that it shouldn't be bigger than Sanwa rx-451 receiver. I got quite close to that requirement maybe small fine tuning gets me to that target. Currently the board size is 33x22mm, so it's no too bad. Functionality is pretty limited though..

The board can log steering, throttle, laptrigger, speed/rpm from motor sensor port, g-forces and gyro values. This is good enough for me to verify the base design for the board and for 1/12th pan car that information already gives enough input to analyze and basic behaviour of the car.

I don't have any data yet to look, but the reduced size makes the installation so much easier. Also the weight is over 10 grams lighter compared to the last Pyb shield and Python board combo. 

One additional note. I ordered PCBs from just try something new. I can't say if the quality is good or not, but the boards work. To me the quality is comparable to and I have feeling that these might have a same owner. The coolest thing about allpcb was the service. I ordered 5 pieces with DHL delivery and the total price was only 10USD! The boards came less than a week from order to my home. Pretty impressed with that.

Ideas for next version: