Project is not over

A project log for TestLogger Collector

Datalogging device for designed RC car racing

Jussi LuopajärviJussi Luopajärvi 10/22/2020 at 11:190 Comments

Long time without any updates and with same reason as before, just too lazy and busy to write updates. All the time have been used to for developing the system. Maybe the biggest news is that the project has become a bit more serious and target is to make a commercially available product. Best place to follow up the project TestLogger Facebook and Instagram pages.

Basically every single aspect of the project has progressed a lot since last update. HW is redesigned, configuration application is redesigned and most importantly there is our own analysing application available!

I have also designed a custom binary format for the analysing application and that will be open source. About that I will make a post soonish...