Battery Going on 118 Days + nrf52840 Update Coming Soon

A project log for Wireless BLE Kinesis Advantage (Custom Controller)

Replaces the stock controller with an nRF52 BLE SOC and MCP23S17 io expander. BLE Kinesis with great (few months) battery life.

Mike WMike W 04/22/2019 at 10:140 Comments

TL;DR -- From this point forward if you are building *master* branch, use V3 board. 

Keyboard has been working almost flawlessly for the past 6 months. Battery has exceeded expectations and currently going on 118 days since last charge. I've only plugged it in a few times (less than 10) to flash new firmware, without charging it for any extended period of time.

No issues with key responsiveness / input delay. I can type at 120wpm without any skips. Unfortunately that's the upper limit of my typing speed so if anybody types faster, let me know!

2 minor issues that have come up:

With those 2 issues in mind I've decided to upgrade to the recently released nrf52840 feather by Adafruit.

nrf52840 doesn't require a separate USB serial chip so it should result in even better power consumption! This also means we get the TX/RX pins back so we get enough pins to get RGB for the power LED back!