Figured out source of keys getting stuck - Not the keyboard!

A project log for Wireless BLE Kinesis Advantage (Custom Controller)

Replaces the stock controller with an nRF52 BLE SOC and MCP23S17 io expander. BLE Kinesis with great (few months) battery life.

Mike WMike W 05/15/2019 at 17:450 Comments

Turns out after creating a new board, modifying firmware & hours debugging hardware, firmware, and mac os, the issue was due to (Karabiner)[] and mac os clashing on keyboard control and not the Kinesis BLE's fault at all.

I've since removed Karabiner and have fixed the issue completely.

I suppose it wasn't a total waste of time, the debugging revealed that at the previous setting of 7ms delay, I could potentially run into key chatter if I type at upwards of what I assume to be 300wpm+ (me smashing keys as fast as I can). This is something I can't replicate at 2ms delay so I'll stick with 2ms delay and loop debouncing 3 times for now, depending on actual battery life (expecting a drop from 6 to 2+ months).

Diving back into the firmware also let me fix a bug that resulted in inconsistent rest timer alerts.