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A project log for Wireless BLE Kinesis Advantage (Custom Controller)

Replaces the stock controller with an nRF52 BLE SOC and MCP23S17 io expander. BLE Kinesis with great (few months) battery life.

Mike WMike W 06/09/2019 at 06:150 Comments

So after getting tired of messing around with the delay & loop count and running into latency or key chatter, I came across Matt Vilim's Kinesis Controller project. His firmware could handle multiple key state changes, where previously I was sending a HID report per state change.

After porting his firmware the keyboard latency was fixed without incurring any key chatter.

However, I was occasionally getting stuck keys due to debouncing. Luckily I found Stapelberg's more recent project, KinX controller and ported the debouncing algorithm and that seems to have fixed it for now.