V5 Board - nRF52840 - USB Hot-Switching

A project log for Wireless BLE Kinesis Advantage (Custom Controller)

Replaces the stock controller with an nRF52 BLE SOC and MCP23S17 io expander. BLE Kinesis with great (few months) battery life.

Mike WMike W 03/11/2020 at 04:471 Comment

Recently required a USB keyboard, so I had to update the PCB (v5) in order to work with the nrf52840 Feather Express. The idea was to enable hot-switching from bluetooth to USB automatically when connected via USB, and back to bluetooth on disconnect. Everything has been updated, and tested to be working.

You can find the pcb gerber files, and firmware on the github by downloading the latest release 1.x.

Got a few spare boards, if you'd like one they'll be $30 each including shipping.


Adam Hitchcock wrote 06/24/2020 at 21:21 point

are spare boards still available? I’d love one!

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