Hector 9000

Fancy barbot with lots of needless features and ...of course... WiFi and a bunch of blinky LEDs

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The idea was to build a barbot which is able to dispense 12 different liquids. We did not want to use peristaltic pumps, because it should be possible to dispense carbonated drinks. So we decided to pump the liquds with pressured air. By using pressured air there is some loss of carbondioxide, but the Cocktails are still fizzy.
Beside the dispensing function we included some eyecandys like some (needless) moving parts and blinky LEDs.
To control the barbot we choose a Raspberry Pi. You can choose the desired Cocktail on a 7" touchsreen. After mixing the drink Hector gives an acoustic signal.

One of our focal points for the development of Hector 9000 is, to make it as easy as possible to replicate the machine. Thus we 

  • used of the shelf & easy to source electronic components
  • made the mechanical hardware parts mainly by FDM printing (without support)
  • host the software on GitHub
  • try to make a good documentation

We also made most of the functional parts independent from the structural parts to give a high degree of freedom for an individual case/cabinet design.  

During the work on Hector 9000 we had a lot of ideas for additional features and improvements. Here are some of them:

  • Ice dispensing unit
  • Cocktail Umbrella dispensing unit
  • Dispenser for sugar
  • GUI based on Qt
  • Statistic functions (Best Drink of the Day, ...)
  • AI to create new Coctail recipes


Notes on assembly

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Hinweise zum Aufbau

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Notes on assembly source file

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Hinweise zum Aufbau Quelltext

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Pictures used in the documentation

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  • 1 × Scale DIY, see "Notes on Assembly"
  • 1 × Pump see "Directions for Assembly"
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3B
  • 1 × Bell Assembly DIY, see "Directions for Assembly"
  • 1 × SFX or ATX Power Supply Size depends on your Case

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  • Hector goes to 35C3

    Cadmium7 days ago 0 comments

    We would like to share our work and experience with this project in real life.

    So we decided to bring Hector to 35C3 and hope that we will meet some nice people there to discuss, tinker and developing new ideas for insane software and hardware extensions.

    At the moment we are preparing Hector for the transport from Ruhrpott to Leipzig. To get Hector there in one piece, we built a flight case:

    To use the volume of the case as efficient as possible, we also made two additional cases for accessories and tools.

    The cases have small holes in the bottom which are fitting to wooden pins in the lid of the big case. After the cases are positioned in the lid, they are fastened with straps.

    By the way, to get an idea of the size: Hectors dimensions are about 100cm x 45cm x 70cm; the weight (without case) is about 16kg.

    We are looking forward to see you at the 35C3! 

  • Initial release of the project page

    Cadmium11/27/2018 at 17:26 0 comments

    After nearly one year of work, we are proud to announce the initial release of the Hector 9000 project homepage. 

    We still have  to do a lot of work. In the near future we will add some additional pictures and videos to the project page and update the software and documentation.

    Pleae notice: The software in the GitHub repository is not fully functional at the moment. We will fix this as soon as possible. Feel free to contribute.  

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  • 1
    Download the files

    Download the files on and

  • 2
    Print the parts

    Additional information can be found in the documentation

  • 3
    Build a case

    Be creative. Consider the size for transportation and the possibility for upgrades.

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