A project log for Hector 9000

Fancy barbot with lots of needless features and ...of course... WiFi and a bunch of blinky LEDs

CadmiumCadmium 12/17/2018 at 18:580 Comments

The lenght of the hoses inside the bottles depends on the size of the bottles and, because we use soft rubber plugs, it also depends on the inner diameter of the bottleneck. So if you want to cut the hose to the right lenght for a bottle, you have to measure the lenght from the opening of the bottle to the bottom of the bottle and subtract the lenght of the plug that goes into the bottle.

This can be tricky if you have bottles with special bottoms or bottles from non opaque materials like blinded glass or aluminium.

Because we like special purpose tools and designing things, we created a Schlauchlängenlehrendingsbums (sorry, no english translation available. Perhaps it is something like hoselenghtgaugethingamajig?): 

The cork on the end of the brass rod is just to protect eyes.

To determine the right lenght of the hose push the plug firmly into the bottle, lower the rod until it reaches the bottom of the bottle and fasten the bolt. After removing the Schlauchlängenlehrendingsbums you can use it to to cut the hose.

We will add the .stl-files for the tool in the near future.