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A project log for Hector 9000

Fancy barbot with lots of needless features and ...of course... WiFi and a bunch of blinky LEDs

cadmiumCadmium 02/07/2019 at 19:581 Comment

We got some feedback from people which are building their own Hector 9000.

Thank you very much for the feedback!

Some of you pointed out that it is very much work to assemble the valves, because it is neccessary to customize the diameter of the original servo horns. So we tried to create a cam which you could directly mount to the servo shaft.

Because it is nearly impossible to print the splines of the servo shaft with an ordinary FDM printer, we think it could be possible to press a cam directly onto the shaft and secure it with a M3 bolt. We propose to use PETG or ABS for the print.

Unfortunately our printer is down for maintenance so we could not test the design. If you decide to try the new cam, it would be nice to get some feedback. You will find the .stl file for the cam in the download area as a single file (not included in the stl archive).   


Dillon Nichols wrote 02/13/2019 at 19:14 point

Each valve looks like it has two hoses in it? What are they for? Is one to the bottle and one return (vent)?

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