First Sound

A project log for DMG-01_Ukulele

Ukulele with GameBoy body as MIDI instrument with Bluetooth connectivity and chiptune sound for new music experiences

ARISTIDES AlexandreARISTIDES Alexandre 10/06/2018 at 20:320 Comments

The bridge is finished to print and installed!

After some adjustement, I fill the bridge with the strings.

The knot to set the string on acoustic guitar may be difficult for beginer so I designed the bridge for easier attachement without hole in the body

The head get the same size than the gameboy cartridge but thicker for the mecanics shaft.

Here are the first sound of the ukulele!

I am not the best ukulele player (it's almost my firts play) sorry for the quallity, I am usualy a guitar player. 

The sound of my phone is far to be perfect but in fact the sound is prety and round but lower than a wood ukulele. We can make the same sound comparaison with a acoustic guitar and jazz guitar.

For a fisrt try it's fully playable with a good sound. Next step will be to add electronic go get chiptune sound!