Don't panic! It's probably going to work!

A project log for The well-tempered chaos sequencer

A mechanical chaos musical instrument based on the intuitive visual relationships between musical structures and generic chaos

3mrrrx3mrrrx 10/08/2018 at 20:300 Comments

Making simple design is not simple. The number of interfaces between the different systems decreases the over all tolerance of the system.  Specially the fact that the 3D-print should include embedded electrical components and buttons adds a probably to each parameter of the design, that something will not work. Considering the number of tries and failed prints make the system play a tone feel like flying the Heart of Gold space ship with its Infinite Improbability Drive.  Don't panic! It's probably going to work!

Heart of Gold: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

the video below shows how the system might probably work! Only one bin of all the failed an successful prints is used as CV-trigger input for the Moog Mother-32 semi-modular analog synthesizer. The synthesizer is connected to Eventide H9 reverb and has a LFO modulating the filter. It is probable that if a bearing ball falls in the right bin, the synthesizer is triggered.

!!! There is something wrong with the webpage link is working but video is not shown!!!