RasPi in a clicky keyboard with a small screen, since cosplay probs are better if they really work...

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I had too many RasPis at home (happens to the best of us, right) and somehow came across some old ShadowRun stuff. So I decided to make myself a cyberdeck.

Initial idea was to build a case by myself, but then I found a cheap dead C64C...


  • C64c case
  • C64 keyboard, attached over a Keyrah V2 to a raspi
  • The powersupply for the screen comes from the raspi, soldered to some Testpoints
  • The raspis GPIOs will available on the backside, where the C64 had it's userports (future)
  • All the unused holes will be covered with custom PCBs, featuring some blinkenlichten and stuff (future)

  • 1 × C64c case and keyboard
  • 1 × Keyrah V2 A board to use some old homecomputer keyboards as USB keyboards
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi I used a Raspi 3
  • 1 × Official Raspi 7inch screen
  • 1 × some USB cables

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  • Ordered some PCBs

    Tillo04/08/2019 at 11:39 0 comments

    I decided to put the board into a separate project, since it could be used in other let's put a RasPi into a dead C64 case as well.

    so here it is:

    and I ordered the first batch, trying jlcpcb once, because 17 bucks for 5 PCB, which should be here in around a week.

    The PCB in it's full glory, finger's crossed it works.

  • Well, hotglue and custom PCBs

    Tillo04/04/2019 at 07:32 0 comments

    So... the first attempt didn't worked out well. After some days of showing it off, the Raspi fell off. 

    Thats when I decided to make an own PCB, featuring:

    • Four port USB Hub, to be used with other than RasPi A
    • Some 5V, 3V3 and GND headers, to connect stuff
    • RJ45 connectors for a nice look
    • a bunch of break off pcbs to cover some holes. Cause the adapter will be L shaped so i have to pay that dead space anyway

  • Weekend Project

    Tillo02/10/2019 at 14:18 0 comments

    So finally all the parts are here. Yay.

    First I gave that C64 case and those keycaps a little wash, they were a bit dirty

    After that I put together all the parts and fired up the raspi. See if all works as intended. It did, yay.

    Since it is a cyberdeck I wanted to have some possibility to wear it like a messenger bag, because thats how cyberdecks work, right? And the screen needs to be mounted to it as well. So I drilled some holes.

    That plastic  they made this case out of is actually super easy to drill.

    Next was bit of reworking on the Casette port, thats where you use to plug in the datasette back then.

    And then, bring out that spraycan, after tree times spraying the whole thing, it was done. It's still not a perfectly even paintjob, but were still talking about cyberpunk stuff here so i think it's prerfect.

    After the color dryed i just put all together. Only to find out that the ringscrews, with the fitting nut just perfectly work as a support for the keyboard. Design by accident is always great.

    Putting it together, installing arch linux, installing cmatrix. 

    and Boom:

  • Yay C64!!

    Tillo01/28/2019 at 22:15 0 comments


    After a long pause I found a C64 housing with keyboard on some auction platform for a reasonable price (23 swissfrancs) including shipping.

  • Keyboard Part 1 and the HID attack rabbit hole

    Tillo12/13/2018 at 22:48 0 comments

    So I got the keyboard, I got an Arduino Pro Micro clone and I even found a module which should be able to do C16, C64 to USB. Didn't worked on the first try.

    But then... By reading into the whole HID thing I stumbled over HID as an attack vector, and then over the whole USB attack topic. Yes I have a Hak5 Bash Bunny now, as well as a RasPi Zero W running the latest P4wnP1. And found a frigging hilarious USB hub, with two device ports, to weaponize.

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se-b-81 wrote 06/05/2023 at 13:51 point

Unbelievable creation! Now, to upgrade it, you should find cheap air plane's wings and a nice reactor to craft a good earth-moon vehicle!

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Tom Nardi wrote 08/02/2019 at 05:04 point

Pretty amazing how well the C64C works for these Cyberdeck builds. I've been contemplating doing one myself, and this definitely seems like the most direct approach. 

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