Weekend Project

A project log for Cyberdeck

RasPi in a clicky keyboard with a small screen, since cosplay probs are better if they really work...

TilloTillo 02/10/2019 at 14:180 Comments

So finally all the parts are here. Yay.

First I gave that C64 case and those keycaps a little wash, they were a bit dirty

After that I put together all the parts and fired up the raspi. See if all works as intended. It did, yay.

Since it is a cyberdeck I wanted to have some possibility to wear it like a messenger bag, because thats how cyberdecks work, right? And the screen needs to be mounted to it as well. So I drilled some holes.

That plastic  they made this case out of is actually super easy to drill.

Next was bit of reworking on the Casette port, thats where you use to plug in the datasette back then.

And then, bring out that spraycan, after tree times spraying the whole thing, it was done. It's still not a perfectly even paintjob, but were still talking about cyberpunk stuff here so i think it's prerfect.

After the color dryed i just put all together. Only to find out that the ringscrews, with the fitting nut just perfectly work as a support for the keyboard. Design by accident is always great.

Putting it together, installing arch linux, installing cmatrix. 

and Boom: