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A project log for USB Wizard - Keyboard/Mouse Control

Plug in a device to your computer, push a button, and things happen! Several different modes do useless things with your mouse/keyboard.

Scott ClandininScott Clandinin 10/10/2016 at 06:490 Comments

The above is the prototype board used for proof of concept. The Arduino Micro board is a bit different in most in that it has dedicated USB communication built-in, and is capable of emulating keyboard and mouse commands. The details of the arduino mouse/keyboard libraries can be found here.

After ensuring it was all working, the first real test was to make the device create a new txt file. The script of commands to achieve this was:

right click --> w --> t --> t --> enter --> file title name --> enter --> enter to open file --> text

"w,t,t" is the shortcut that is needed to create a new txt file from the right click menu. A fair bit of research on keyboard shortcuts is necessary to make full use of this device. It's always better to accomplish things with keyboard shortcuts rather than mouse movement as different screen resolutions will yield different results when moving the cursor around through code.

To allow for multiple routines I added a DIP selector switch package. I will be using something similar to this in the final device concept.

Stay tuned for the first routines that are being tested.