On lowering initial module count

A project log for Geometer

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David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 02/12/2019 at 23:020 Comments

Right now module set 5 is made up of A-T (21)

The order of designation is lowest to highest of individual module mass with the least material being "A" and the most material being "Z."

Then for each module, each arm is given a name; with 1, being the shortest followed by "2" the second shortest and so on.

In this way modules are sorted and organized by both overall and component size, hopefully aiding in distinguishing and remembering each of their unique properties.

We are actively working to decrease the number of modules in order to facilitate a more intuitive introduction, then tailoring the set over time to maximize utility.

For practical reasons we eliminated a redundant module, an artifact from being made up of a cube as well as a module with one arm too short in length to allow for filleting and bonding to its neighbor in an assembly, formerly known as "O" seen highlighted in blue.

Looking at arm lengths it is quickly apparent that their are seemingly similar modules, but this is not the case since no angle is shown.

An additional part of the spreadsheet is the end point representation table, the definitive definition of each model. Modules are described as a connection of distinct points through a shared origin, making up a line. End point representation is always in relation to the origin or 0,0,0 of the module and X,Y,Z representation for each point based on the shared static module reference

Through more exercises we hope to understand which modules do not demonstrate any practical use and reduce the module list further. With this in mind, we should consider set 5 under construction.

To avoid producing molds for modules which might be eliminated from the set we must act quickly and complete more designs to understand individual module behavior.