Snap together modules

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David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 03/22/2019 at 14:440 Comments

We will upload video of Mindesk workflow when editing is done, but as expected there are just some arrangements that are difficult to line up. This might be fixed with using Mindesk for Solidworks as opposed to Rhino but we don't have the latest Solidworks edition installed yet (and understand that most don't have access either way...)

So our response is something we have been talking about for a long time but avoiding due to material investment. Since set 6 has been performing well in trials we are going to move forward with snap together modules. We have gotten feedback from the beginning that this might be a more natural way to start working with Geometer.

The largest challenge is having snap together joints that can still rotate and be separated at will. Second is material optimization and scaling/resolution. Preferably they could also be cast, but no obvious compromise has been found.

Our current working idea is to have a hollow recess at the arm terminus and a male to male snap adapter. Tolerances will need to be close.

A couple variants have been designed and will be printed today for testing. We plan on making the "play" modules at either half or quarter scale for economy, but this invites resolution problems. We hope that if successful this will greatly augment the possibilities of Geometer and lower the barrier to entry.