Snap together form finding

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David TroetschelDavid Troetschel 04/03/2019 at 15:060 Comments

We have been printing more physical half scale modules that snap together to ease the design process.

We are starting to notice an error in alignment, when trying to close angled sections it seems that the modules are too long, but to create parallel structures we need to standard length. Playing around with it some more we decided to add a shortened piece as a bridge for these angle errors.

Some other modules were developed to allow for easier execution of symmetrical structures and for making leg terminators. These are modules L-Q being printed today to add. There is also a short terminator for single leg ending. as needed in the below example.

We are debating adding graphics to communicate the module name and leg numbers as well as a sort of indexing system to determine angle between modules. Either this could be a saw tooth mate at fifteen degree increments or it could just be two graphical indicators.

With this modification you would be able to express ex.: A2-15-C3 when module A, arm 2 connects to module C arm 3 at 15 degrees clockwise from aligning marks. The argument becomes whether hydro-graphics or pad printing would make sense, embossing.... etc. How to print on such a structure? How much information and precision is needed?

To add to the complexity, these are half scale modules so the above "Desk" would be very small in fact; how do we develop a sense of scale? A half scale person model is out of the question, far too big. Yet the dilemma is that we also can't make the snap together modules 1:1 scale due to costs associated...

Definitely a challenge. This is where VR really helps out, its unfortunate its such a fringe practice.

Nearly all mold designs are done now so we are getting ready to send them out for a quote for production elsewhere due to time constraints. At this point we need to just start designing things and then move to production in time for our final presentations.