On the Joys of Open-Source

A project log for Reverse Engineering Nintendo LABO Waveform Cards

Use an oscilloscope emulator, a handful of audio samples, and a 3D-printer to create Waveform Cards for use with Nintendo's ToyCon Piano

Hunter IrvingHunter Irving 10/06/2018 at 03:440 Comments

When I made the files for this project available on, I had no idea so many people would find them useful.

I guessed that most who downloaded them would use the provided STL files to make 3D-printed cards as I had, but it seems that the SVGs I included turned out to be much more popular:

Reddit user compacta_d used a Kongsberg cutting table to cut these cards from E flute corrugated.

Reddit user AchillesPDX used a hobby laser cutter to cut these cards from cardboard.

Bigtime YouTube channel Melody Geeks even used a few of them in some of their LABO cover videos.

Knowing that other people were able to gain something from my project is a pretty great feeling.

Look forward to more open-source projects from me in the future!

- Hunter