A project log for Teletext display

Teletext is dead, but there are many teletext chips that can still be useful as displays for embedded projects

KeithKeith 04/01/2019 at 23:300 Comments


Parcel of goodies arrived including MV1815 and SDA5273 chips. I removed the dead chips and fitted new a new MV1815 and 64Kx4 DRAM chip. The phono socket used to be the UHF output from the tuner. As the analogue tuner was dead and obsolete, it has been removed. The phono socket can now be the video input to the teletext chip. The MV1815 outputs are red, green and blue, and will be routed to the RGB input pins of a SCART socket. This project will require a SCART-socketed colour TV, which I have.

I gave some chips to a workmate to play with. They might be useful as text overlay chips, but all the monitors at work are baseband monochrome. A few colour LCD monitors have SCART inputs. But there are obsolete analogue colour TVs available cheaply on ebay - collection only, they are too heavy to post.