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Anthony ChinAnthony Chin 11/06/2018 at 16:460 Comments

25 Oct 2018

Proceed with the design

- capsule machine use a "present box" concept for the design outcome

-Getting Message from others its like a surprise


  1. User have to read thru the instruction shown in-front of the machine to understand how to use it.
  2. After they read the instruction they are require to press the button at the  end of the instruction
  3. Upon user press the button, a compartment at right-side below  of the box will open by a servo, and there is an empty ball inside for user to take it out.  There will be a green light LED shines on the ball, until user take the ball out the LED will become red.   
  4. User will take the ball write and message to place in the ball. Then user need to toss it into the machine 
  5.  Once the ball has being toss into the machine, a servo will unlock the latch for user to spin the notch.
  6. In return user get a ball that has written message by other people.
  7. As instruction stated user need to return the empty ball back to the compartment.
  8. Once the compartment micro-switch detect the ball has being placed back the LED will return green again.
  9. And the servo will lock the compartment door.