Hydroponics @ Pool Side

BGC "Community" Project

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The IONYC makerspace neighboring Boys and Girls Club requested a hydroponics adaption from a broken pool table .. which meant employing children to hard labor .. as intended by Nature.

Dreary grey and brown (and tree countable) NYC collaborated with being below grade in a stone tomb of a building begged for more of an atmospheric eloquence-ish .. attempt; waterfalls (for oxygenation?) and LED status enclosure (for anxiety?!) .. bearing in mind that kids today are over-stimulated creatures demanding jangling keys to retain interest.

1. Float valve built from a lever switch, stick and foam .. to a 5V relay .. flips the LED strip from blue to red .. alerting the user.
2. 3D printed 0.5 and 0.25 inch tube connections .. failed. Layered grain leaked no matter the tension of the pipe clamps.
3. Damn! .. -ed the tube every 10 cups so as to increase water level -- angle cut from excess piping.
4. Tattered soldering iron and /red/ (shd be white) plastic cups .. holes and hallucinations. Breathe with me-akhdfncsowpa;/.sa,
5. Themed blue and white relative to the BGC in question. Each over-paid unnecessary manager of this facility will elate to yet another assured tax-funded monthly income now thx in large part to my involuntary volunteering. Question your 'community centers' ..
6. Velcro lashing to secure and make removable the tubes.


  • 1 × 4" Sewer PVC
  • 1 × 1 by 2 Wood
  • 1 × Water Pump
  • 1 × Plastic Cups
  • 1 × Clay Pellets

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