Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

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This project was about the main theme of Urbanscapes event, which is all about KL and Malaysians. And also, this project has been made by Roberto Perkasa and Wong Junhoe, students from The One Academy Malaysia that majoring in Multimedia Design 1608 Batch.

  • Video Progress Submission

    Roberto Perkasa12/20/2018 at 00:28 0 comments

    A Video progress of our project.

    Special Thanks to Our lecturers, Cheang Lin Yew and Ronald Chua, for always helping us and guiding us to the new things that we haven't been know.

    And we also want to say thanks to our friends, who willing to record their voice to be used in this project. 

    Without you guys, this project would never be happened. Thanks!

  • Project Log #14 : Final Working Day #3 + Submission Day #2

    levixzjunho12/18/2018 at 15:48 0 comments

    Tuesday  :: 18th December, 2018.

    After Junhoe 3DMM submission and presentation, we went to Fab Lab again to try finish everything. So basically we just paint our mechanism, then done. But its come out some inner problems which is the rotation 3D support model. It's still not strong support yet, so we need to create the 3D support model again, and also fixing some of the button that is a bit hard to whack, and also paint the mechanism. 

    So we went out to buy the paint, to paint, and we decided to use Red, Blue, Yellow, and a brick style of painting. To make it look more Malaysia. Based on the research, malaysia's kuala lumpur there are many places, malaysian artist like to paint on a brick wall as a mural. after working very late, we let the soemthing dry, then we paint the second layer to make overall look nicer, but we plan to paint it another day which is the next day, because the painting is still not dry yet.

    In the end of the day because of the 3D printer have some problem the rotation support got some problems, we have to print it again. So we also will print it but get it the next day, because its already 9pm, we got locked. We have to faster run out of the lab. 

    Wednesday  :: 19th December, 2018.

    We start rearranging the cable inside, and some of the cable is too long and we need to cut shorter and soldering again. After that, we rearrange the cable inside, because we scare if the things it’s too messy, it will have problems in the future. So after that, we colour the texture for the mechanism. The texture we gonna colour is bricks style. Making it look like Malaysia style more. We are going to stay overnight here to finish up everything. 

  • Project Log #13 : Final Working Day #2 + Submission Day #1

    levixzjunho12/18/2018 at 15:36 0 comments

    Wednesday  :: 12th December, 2018.

    So 13th Dec its the submission day, we kind of worry, but we did apply to stay overnight tonight, but it comes out decline the approver from the department, so we have a minimum time to finish up! But we will try our very best, and it because of Wednesday Fab Lab is having classes, and everyone is queuing to use 3D print, Laser cut, so come out we have to wait everybody to finish their stuff then we only can use it. So we continue, to fix the inner part, like rotation of the top Title board, and we are queuing for the laser cut to recut the board for our Title board, and then afterthat we queue for the 3D printers to print the Title board side. So it used the whole day for queuing. 

    Thursday  :: 13th December, 2018.

    The submission day, the time for submission is 4pm, and we start working at 9am, to finish up everythings, we stick the Title board and side together and stick the LED light into the Title Board. Afterthat, we cut the pipe shorter, after that, so suddenly the 3D print of the holder of the rotate pipe, is broken, so we print that again for 2hours and 30 minutes, in the end, we found out that the time is almost 4pm, and we only left the colouring part. So, lectures already calling us for the discussion section, and it's just one more step away from the submission. After discussion, lecturer gave us a chances to drag the time way behind one week to finish up everything, and so on, we really really regret that we are just one more step away from the submission, and super thankful to our lecturers for giving us chances.

  • Project Log #12 : Final Working Day #1

    levixzjunho12/18/2018 at 15:19 0 comments

    Thursday  :: 06th December, 2018.

    After the beta test, we got a lot of feedbacks from others that have been filled in our survey form, so we know clearly what to improve, what to adjusts. From the survey form, we have to make a small presentation for our users feedbacks, so we gather the questions together, we have many responses, for examples:

    1. Is the turning banner attract you to play Whac-MY-Slang?
      1. Yes (100%)
    2. If there is slang that you do not know, is the definition below helps you to understand more about the slang?
      1. Yes(80%)
      2. No, definition is not clear (20%)
    3. Do you feel uncomfortable to hold the hammer that given?
      1. Yes, i rather use hand to hit (30%)
      2. No, it's a good thing to use hammer (70%)
    4. Do you think use one voice better, or use several different voice better?
      1. One Man Voice better (20%)
      2. Many Voices better (80%)
    5. Is there any recommendation or suggestion you want us to improve?
      1. can add this function: multiple hits produces multiple voice at the same time
      2. i think the button that we need to "whack" should make it easier to need to try whack several time only it sence the "whack"
      3. For final, please make sure the things dont fall apart
      4. male and female voice will be great
      5. sound with different voices

    Things we are going to improve

    • Put more variations on the sound
    • Paint the base
    • Fix the buttons and the turning part

    Afterthat the presentation, we start working on the mechanism, improving things that from the user test feedbacks.

  • Project Log #11 : Beta Test

    levixzjunho12/05/2018 at 13:22 0 comments

    Wednesday  :: 28th November, 2018.

    29 of November is our Beta Test, we are are kind of rushing for our project, so we have applied to stay-overnight at Fab Lab to finish up everything for tomorrow Beta Test.

    So today we doing 3D print for the Slip Ring to connect with the PVC pipe, and also the top base area which is the whacking/hitting part. We still using the previous wood that people who do not need to use already to make it into our top part area base, currently we making 5 slang whacking part for our beta test first. The whacking part we need a base for each hole, to hold the button and also the spring. 

    Before we make the whacking part base, we need to CNC the unused wood to make our base, after finishing the shape of the wood, we start glue the wood together. 

    In another hand, we start soldering the button with wire, in the progress of soldering the button and wire, just check one of the button, that see is it working, after check one i start soldering 6 of the button without checking, and so on after finish soldering, i test all the button again, and it is not working, so i ask Ron for help, and from here i learnt something which is "Check before you do"!!! HAHAHAH. After knowing that i cut the wire from the button that i solder just now, and solder it again with the right input. 

    Afterthat, i start editing our classmate slang for beta test to use, after editing we start putting it into the code, and test is it working. Junhoe felt tired, and it is already early in the morning like 7/8 pm, and Junhoe take a break for 1hr- 2hrs to sleep. 

    Thursday  :: 29th November, 2018.

    So after Junhoe woke up, and we start sticking the wood into the mechanism. While waiting it to dry, so we start making our hammer for the mechanism. For the hammer we use the PVC pipe, and a sponge, and some unused cloth, to wrap the hammer, make everything look nicer. In the meanwhile, we start connecting the button with the Arduino, to try out is it working.

    At 10am something Roberto getting tired, and he went home to sleep, and because our Beta Test start at 5pm like that, so we both also get some rest. 

    We both start working again at 12pm like that, and we start sticking the button into the mechanism, and also putting in our Arduino in the mechanism. 

    After testing everything is working we start doing our survey form for beta test, and after a 1 or 2 hours we start our beta test. We invited fews of our friends to test, and fill up our survey form. And Linyew brought many lecturers to our beta test, and we got so much feedback from them, and knowing what to improve. After finished  everything we start packing up everything, and go back home to sleep. HAHA

    What to do next:

    • Improvement from feedback 
    • presentation

  • Project Log #10 : Production Day #2

    levixzjunho12/05/2018 at 12:36 0 comments

    Thursday  :: 22th November, 2018.

    This week and next week we are planning to finish 70% to have a beta test for our project, and so on, our we are planned to use 3D print to make a support for our mechanism, because we think that if our mechanism is giving people to Whac/hit so we think it is a must to have a support hiding inside our mechanism. 

    So when we finish the 3D support file, also we suddenly have a idea to save all the material, why don't we use the wood that people do not want anyone to make it because a supporter? so we change our plan to wood instead of 3D print, and also this way can save our time, and also material. We start doing the Ai file for our supporter, and using laser cut to cut out.

    Afterthat, we using white glue to glue the wood that we have cut. and we went out to Sunway Pyramid's Daiso to buy magnet. The magnet is for the base and the side that we can separate both of them, so in the future is more easier when something went wrong inside the mechanism.

    Back to work, we glue the magnet into the wood, we while waiting the glue to dry, we start looking back to the code, and and make improvement. 

    What to do next:

    • Beta Test

  • Project Log #9 : Production Day #1

    levixzjunho11/22/2018 at 01:27 0 comments

    Thursday  :: 15th November, 2018.

    Previously we are working on the bottom base mechanism, so after we done working on the bottom base, we start building the top base, and so on we are running out of wood, and we gonna buy one or two more. 

    So we start measuring the top base size, so after the measurement has been done, we are asking help from the lecturer, to break down the wood by pieces that the size and angle we want. In another hand, the Rotation Slip ring that we have ordered from taobao will be receiving by next week.

    This week we will work on the top part of the mechanism, examples; 

    • calculation 
    • code 
    • design

    What to do next:

    • Production for final

    What do we learnt:

    • New coding skills

  • Project Log #8 : Alpha Test

    levixzjunho11/15/2018 at 02:46 0 comments

    Wednesday  :: 7th November, 2018.

    We start to separate our jobs, One person doing coding and another person refine and improve the mechanism. By the end of the day. We completed 2 slang that is works with the buttons. 

    In other hand, we start to find people to records their sound for our slangs. We found Matthew(our classmates), to help us. In our plan go, We wanted our whole classmates, to be part of our projects, so afterthat we hope that each of our classmates willing to be our Slang voice.

    In the middle of the progress. we learnt the technique of Soldering Station, new coding, more technique of counting and measuring the mechanism.

    Thursday  :: 8th November, 2018.

    So previously we completed our alpha tests mechanism, so we start working on the Final Product, building with real woods. So we bought a 6mm wood, 50cm x 50cm. Ron and Linyew helped us to cut the angle that we want. So we start sticking the wood that lecturer have cut together. After we done sticking it, we start our alpha testing.

    What to do next:

    • Production for final

    What do we learnt:

    • New coding skills
    • Soldering Station technique 
    • Sanding machine 

  • Project Log #7 : Prototype

    levixzjunho11/15/2018 at 02:20 0 comments

    :: WEEK 7 ::

    Wednesday :: 31th October, 2018.

    This week we start to build our MYSlang prototype. We designed 10 Kaomoji to represent our each slangs for our MYSlang. So after we designed the Kaomoji. We went to bought 3 normal cardboard. To build the prototype, so using laser cutting to build out the mechanism. 

    Thursday :: 1st November, 2018.

     We continue sticking the cardboard to building it like what we designed, In the end of the days, we manage to build the mechanism.

    What to do next:

    • The Interactivity
    • Soldering the Wire that we want 
    • Button

  • Project Log #6 : Details

    levixzjunho10/22/2018 at 04:40 0 comments

    :: WEEK 6 ::

    Monday :: 22th October, 2018.

    Today we have a discussion with the lecturers for our project idea, and we propose our idea, and the our game play ideas is about within 30seconds or 60seconds there will be a sound of malaysia slang coming out from the speaker, and user hear the slang they have to find the right slang to whac it so lecturers told us about the game play is too boring, and come out a new idea of changing game to a new interaction. 

    It's remain the definition of all the slang, and change the upper design into a 3D view, for example; in the definition like Gostan, we have a design visual like Car, and print a 3D object of car, and they hit it there will be a sound like Gostan, Gostan.

    Thursday :: 25th October, 2018.

    After a few test of using 3D print objects, we think that actually is it not what we want it, it is because of the 3D print objects is not user friendly to hit, so we think of another idea to make it look nicer and user-friendly, trying to change the 3D print objects to a flat laser prints designs, first we think that it is more user-friendly to hit each slang button, its nicer than the 3D prints .And also, we trying to bring back our old memories, that what we uses in the past when we are messaging our friends using mobile phone, it's a old style like "Emoji" now. 


    It's called "Kaomoji", is  an emoticon, short for "emotion icon", is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters ,so usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters, it is to express a person's feelings or mood, or as a time-saving method. 

    What to do next:

    • Material
    • Size 
    • Slang
    • Visual 
    • Design 
    • Mechanism
    • Sound

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