Project Log #6 : Details


Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

levixzjunholevixzjunho 10/22/2018 at 04:400 Comments

:: WEEK 6 ::

Monday :: 22th October, 2018.

Today we have a discussion with the lecturers for our project idea, and we propose our idea, and the our game play ideas is about within 30seconds or 60seconds there will be a sound of malaysia slang coming out from the speaker, and user hear the slang they have to find the right slang to whac it so lecturers told us about the game play is too boring, and come out a new idea of changing game to a new interaction. 

It's remain the definition of all the slang, and change the upper design into a 3D view, for example; in the definition like Gostan, we have a design visual like Car, and print a 3D object of car, and they hit it there will be a sound like Gostan, Gostan.

Thursday :: 25th October, 2018.

After a few test of using 3D print objects, we think that actually is it not what we want it, it is because of the 3D print objects is not user friendly to hit, so we think of another idea to make it look nicer and user-friendly, trying to change the 3D print objects to a flat laser prints designs, first we think that it is more user-friendly to hit each slang button, its nicer than the 3D prints .And also, we trying to bring back our old memories, that what we uses in the past when we are messaging our friends using mobile phone, it's a old style like "Emoji" now. 


It's called "Kaomoji", is  an emoticon, short for "emotion icon", is a pictorial representation of a facial expression using characters ,so usually punctuation marks, numbers, and letters, it is to express a person's feelings or mood, or as a time-saving method. 

What to do next: