Project Log #11 : Beta Test


Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

levixzjunholevixzjunho 12/05/2018 at 13:220 Comments

Wednesday  :: 28th November, 2018.

29 of November is our Beta Test, we are are kind of rushing for our project, so we have applied to stay-overnight at Fab Lab to finish up everything for tomorrow Beta Test.

So today we doing 3D print for the Slip Ring to connect with the PVC pipe, and also the top base area which is the whacking/hitting part. We still using the previous wood that people who do not need to use already to make it into our top part area base, currently we making 5 slang whacking part for our beta test first. The whacking part we need a base for each hole, to hold the button and also the spring. 

Before we make the whacking part base, we need to CNC the unused wood to make our base, after finishing the shape of the wood, we start glue the wood together. 

In another hand, we start soldering the button with wire, in the progress of soldering the button and wire, just check one of the button, that see is it working, after check one i start soldering 6 of the button without checking, and so on after finish soldering, i test all the button again, and it is not working, so i ask Ron for help, and from here i learnt something which is "Check before you do"!!! HAHAHAH. After knowing that i cut the wire from the button that i solder just now, and solder it again with the right input. 

Afterthat, i start editing our classmate slang for beta test to use, after editing we start putting it into the code, and test is it working. Junhoe felt tired, and it is already early in the morning like 7/8 pm, and Junhoe take a break for 1hr- 2hrs to sleep. 

Thursday  :: 29th November, 2018.

So after Junhoe woke up, and we start sticking the wood into the mechanism. While waiting it to dry, so we start making our hammer for the mechanism. For the hammer we use the PVC pipe, and a sponge, and some unused cloth, to wrap the hammer, make everything look nicer. In the meanwhile, we start connecting the button with the Arduino, to try out is it working.

At 10am something Roberto getting tired, and he went home to sleep, and because our Beta Test start at 5pm like that, so we both also get some rest. 

We both start working again at 12pm like that, and we start sticking the button into the mechanism, and also putting in our Arduino in the mechanism. 

After testing everything is working we start doing our survey form for beta test, and after a 1 or 2 hours we start our beta test. We invited fews of our friends to test, and fill up our survey form. And Linyew brought many lecturers to our beta test, and we got so much feedback from them, and knowing what to improve. After finished  everything we start packing up everything, and go back home to sleep. HAHA

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