Project Log #12 : Final Working Day #1


Creating a digital fabrication and physical computing that related with Urbanscapes event.

levixzjunholevixzjunho 12/18/2018 at 15:190 Comments

Thursday  :: 06th December, 2018.

After the beta test, we got a lot of feedbacks from others that have been filled in our survey form, so we know clearly what to improve, what to adjusts. From the survey form, we have to make a small presentation for our users feedbacks, so we gather the questions together, we have many responses, for examples:

  1. Is the turning banner attract you to play Whac-MY-Slang?
    1. Yes (100%)
  2. If there is slang that you do not know, is the definition below helps you to understand more about the slang?
    1. Yes(80%)
    2. No, definition is not clear (20%)
  3. Do you feel uncomfortable to hold the hammer that given?
    1. Yes, i rather use hand to hit (30%)
    2. No, it's a good thing to use hammer (70%)
  4. Do you think use one voice better, or use several different voice better?
    1. One Man Voice better (20%)
    2. Many Voices better (80%)
  5. Is there any recommendation or suggestion you want us to improve?
    1. can add this function: multiple hits produces multiple voice at the same time
    2. i think the button that we need to "whack" should make it easier to need to try whack several time only it sence the "whack"
    3. For final, please make sure the things dont fall apart
    4. male and female voice will be great
    5. sound with different voices

Things we are going to improve

Afterthat the presentation, we start working on the mechanism, improving things that from the user test feedbacks.