Week 6 - Design and Prototyping #1

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity

Urbanscape Malaysia Project

Austin ChiahAustin Chiah 10/31/2018 at 18:420 Comments

We came up with some location on KL we wanted to use for the roads.

At first, we were thinking of making it in a 50cm x 50cm x 10cm box. But after awhile we thought of that we can also do organic shapes maze. So we refine the maze and relocate the maze.

We did a few discussion with lecturer and end up actually we didn't get what lecturer recommend us to do. After discuss and clear the confusion, we trace our map on Photoshop and we put it into laser cutter machine and cut it out. Therefore we started our prototyping.

We plan to use cardboard to make all the stuff we need including:

Since then we haven't start coding for the lights and also the sensor for the steel ball interaction, We would like to start doing it on week 7 and hopefully done all the prototype things we needed.