Week 8 - Design and Prototyping #3

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity

Urbanscape Malaysia Project

Austin ChiahAustin Chiah 11/11/2018 at 14:330 Comments

Since we haven't finish the prototype for our alpha test, we meet again in class at 4/11/2018.

We continue making our prototype and coding. My partner ShuLin did the coding part and I did design and putting things together part. We think again what actual material we need to prepare for our project and what kind of machine we needed to use for the builds. 

We decide to use:

At the end of the day, we did manage to buy a pack of 100 stainless steel balls online with size of 8 mm. So problem solved for that. 

7/11/2018, we went into class and put everything together and finish up all the builds we need for alpha test. We end up getting some problem that we need to think again.

Problem as below:

After alpha test, we are not really satisfied by that since we got a lot of problems.