Week 9 - Proceed to Beta Test #1

A project log for Dynamic Interactivity

Urbanscape Malaysia Project

Austin ChiahAustin Chiah 11/11/2018 at 14:360 Comments

11/11/2018, we went buying materials.

We went to a store that sells wood panels that we wanted, but when we reached there, the store is off. We might need to think of another way to get the woods since we need to start making it for our final outcome.

13/11/2018, we went to the store again.

Again we went to the store, but now they open. We choose plain wood because of the thickness of it and we are planning to use CNC Milling too, so we need a wood that thick enough to do it. And the metal ball and LED lights we ordered online had received. 

15/11/2018, This is our first day of starting doing the real installation.

First, we prepared the files that we needed to CNC Milling our plain wood. We cut it into 3 pieces of  wood in size of 50cm  x 50cm. 

Then we continue doing it by glue 2 piece of the wood we cut out together with white glue. That is for CNC Milling for the map maze. While we are waiting, we continue cut out another 4 piece of wood in size of 50cm length and 5cm height for the bottom part of the maze for keeping the wiring and the power supply.

Now we have left 1 more piece of 50cm x 50cm plain woods, that is for bottom casing part.

After 2 hours of waiting for the white glue to dry, we take our plain wood to the CNC Milling machine and do the map engraving. We end up stop it at half way, because we found that the engraving will took about 6 hours to finish it, we don't have time to stay in class already since its already 6pm. We decide to do it another day.

What we done: