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A project log for 4-bit CPU (TD4 once again)

I build TD4 CPU and expand it (add RAM, switchable memory banks and rugged I/O)

Alexander NekhaevAlexander Nekhaev 04/14/2020 at 23:261 Comment

 Hi everyone! We have been absent for a while, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t been working on our project. Due to several reasons our engineer Fedor will return to his work on ardware in late October and I am still working on software. Right now I work on SDK improvements. In several weeks git repository will be updated and the Development Kit program will be divided into several independent ones:

Next, standard library of assembler macros will be reorganized and partially rewritten. Also we are working on tiny OS for loading programs on two-core machines from external device. Unfortunately we refuse our .NET Assembler v3.0 and new SDK is further development of C-based assembler.

Some new utilities will be added.

Next step for software part is programming languages support. First of all C and Go compilers (looks like Go compiler will appear earlier). Talking about C compiler I mean LLVM back-end for TD4. Go compiler will be based on SSA library.

In Assembler v3.0 we introduced TD4E8 device without explanations. The difference between TD4 and TD4E8 is length of Imm which is 1 byte in new core. It means that amount of RAM now can be enlarged up to 8192 bytes.

Several ideas about future improvements:

That’s all for now. Stay tuned and stay healty.


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