This is very much a WORK IN PROGRESS, I've only just designed an initial board, received it from Osh, and populating it up at the moment; at which point I'll start debugging the design, and then the firmware/software.

I haven't even started with any touch screen code yet, I imagine that part is going to be quite difficult!  But I plan to work out all the hardware and software kinks first, then tackle the display at the end.

This is the first project I've ever done using an STM32 processor, but so far I'm really enjoying the stmcube for generating the initial setup of the peripherals, it's quite handy!  I'll be starting from the initial codebase I used on the pic32 design (ported from WJ's code), but the plan is to only do that to get the initial hardware working.

I plan on re-writing the entire design once I get the hardware kinks worked out...I currently don't have any PCB/SCH files or github files posted, as there is no point yet, since I'm sure I will have schematic screw ups to fix, etc..