A project log for T962A Controller with 5"/7" Touch TFT (*STM32*)

T962A Controller Drop-In (using *STM32H7*) This is a drop-in replacement controller board for the T962A reflow oven, using the STM32H7

PhillyFlyersPhillyFlyers 10/14/2019 at 22:470 Comments

Updated the software to version 1.2.0, enhancing the manual 'draw' function a bit to have the touch interrupts and draw functions run out of ram to speed up execution a little.  (not too much improvement there yet since the gui library STemWIN still runs out of flash).

Also cleaned up some more bugs and cleaned up some menu item things, etc.

Now that things seem more stable, will focus on the WiFi code, as I got sidetracked looking for and fixing any remaining bugs.  I would like to add the capability to flash the firmware over the wifi connection, so I"ll be looking into this as well while working on the WiFi stuff.