A project log for T962A Controller with 5"/7" Touch TFT (*STM32*)

T962A Controller Drop-In (using *STM32H7*) This is a drop-in replacement controller board for the T962A reflow oven, using the STM32H7

PhillyFlyersPhillyFlyers 02/21/2020 at 12:170 Comments

Been a while since I worked on this!   Took some time off to work on some other things, so I'm finally coming back to this.  I did work on the WiFi setup code, etc a couple months ago, but just didn't have a chance to test it out and debug it up.

Now that I'm coming back to this I'll finish up the WiFi code, and start looking at adding the capability to upgrade the software over the WiFi.  This may be quite tricky, so I'll see shortly if it's do-able or too insane to work out...

I would like to eventually have a windows app that would allow a remote/RDP type capability, utilizing the WiFi, so you can essentially control your oven remotely over the wifi link, that would be awesome, and was a main part of the reason I wanted wifi in the first place.... 

Maybe I can get lucky and find a developer that makes nice pretty windows GUIs to help out with this!  :)   I can make ok windows Apps, but I"m certainly not the best at it...