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    To assemble keyboard, you need to disassemble it first. Just use screwdriver, gentle force and a bit of patience.

    Eventually you may clean all the parts using soft brush, isopropyl alcohol and water with soft detergent when needed.

    All of you, retr0bright fans, need to add another step.

    When all is done, do double check if none of the parts is missing.

    Disassembled keyboard (numbers are for reference in the next steps)

    Now you can start to assemble the keyboard.

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    Front rubber feet

    Put the long rubber part (1) into the bottom of the housing (3). Push it in until it stops.

    Five tabs serves as fasteners for a plate with keys (8).

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    Black pad

    Place the black pad (2) in the bottom of the housing (3). Be careful not to bend it unnecessarily, because this part can be deformed easily.

    The plastic hooks protruding from the casing are used to keep the pad in place.