All components arrived, ESP32 not playing ball

A project log for Si5351 HF Antenna Analyzer

HF antenna analyzer using Si5351 as signal source, resistive swr bridge and ESP32 or Arduino as the brains

biemsterbiemster 10/11/2018 at 11:240 Comments

Over the last month all components arrived, notably an ESP32, arduino nano and of course the Si5351.

Initial testing hit a snag already, since I can't seem to get the Si5351 to work with the ESP32. The tests using the arduino are fine. This might be because the ESP32 is 3v3 and the Arduino 5v, but I don't have any means to test this hypothesis.

For now I'll focus on the arduino, next step is to write some Python to control the clock frequency using the PC, and create a repo on github to keep all the code and test scripts. After that the SWR bridge, which will probably the largest work block for me.