Added a buzzer for alarm features + a basic remote

A project log for My Kid Night Light

A custom and very easy to build Night Light for kids. Using only standard modules / stuff, and off course an ESP8266

emmanuel-lecomteEmmanuel Lecomte 10/31/2018 at 13:090 Comments

The lamp includes also a buzzer now, and an alarm can be set remotely. When the alarm is on, the lamp blink and the buzzer beep. 

Time is managed through NTP

I have also made a very basic remote, with just 1 button. 

This is basically a wifi connected button, made with a D1 Mini lite. A press on the button reset the ESP8266 (which is in permanent deep sleep mode), which only call the lamp to switch it on or off. Indeed the lamp is far from my girl bed, and so she can activate / desactivate the lamp at will.

When pressed, the switch also stop a running alarm

In a further upgrade I will add a tilt switch into the remote, to allow to change the light pattern of the lamp simply by shacking the remote.