Quantity   Component name
1 × "Colours Cylepur" table lamp Bought in Castorama store in france. You will find the same in brico depot, Leroy Merlin... Any similar cheap lamp will do the job. Need to be large enough to put the 60mm distribution box.
1 × Round distribution box, 60 mm diameter Anything from electric equipment store. I'm using one from Legrand
1 × Wemos D1 Mini Personally, I buy them by 10 on AliExpress. I don't know better ESP8266 boards. A D1 Mini Lite is also OK
1 × Wemos D1 Mini RGB Shield The standard 7 RGB shield
1 × HLK-PM01 AC-DC 220V to 5V mini power supply modul You know this one : the famous "Hi Link" 5V power supply ... I will try with this one, but as I have doubt on quality, you can try also with a better one from mean well (sometime cheaper because they are distributed in Europe and you don't have to pay for shipping)
1 × Some Wires (220V compliant !), tools ...
1 × Buzzer