Self explanatory: or so I thought..

a-b inside an alpha layered (translucent, say 92% and black) sphere, cube or whatever, arranged x,y,z. Black is an alpha layer, white is whatever color one desires.

Note: I used hexagons to make a correct optical illusion on a 2-d surface, but this would have zero rotation for rendering. This is so simple, I'm worried every statement after 'self explanatory' will counter intuitively make people over complicate things.

Now with the first set of two xyz planes made, take the same a,b plane and rotate it 90 degrees along the z axis, to end up with 7 textures inside of one 'mesh' or 'primitive' or whatever, and that's it, it's literally done.

..and because the q-axis beat out w:

Being perceived as backwards, I developed the backwards perception of a Euclidean space time in order to share my perspective.

bRad bIll bUsch