Remotely controllable fermentation system

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Fermentation and mashing process controller

AxHTherm is a fermentation and mashing control system 

Fermentation and mash can be controlled by means of a temperature profile.

Up to three temperature sensors (DS18B20) can be attached to the system, of which one

will be the active prove and the remaining 2 will be used for monitoring (i.e. chamber and environment temperature monitors)

A temperature profile consists of up to 5 control steps, and each one can be of either one of

the following kinds: 

  • Fixed temperature point 
    • Holds temperature at given set point (within probe's tolerance) 
  • Time and temperature controlled ramp 
    • Ramps (up or down) the temperature changing the set point at computed intervals given the duration. 
  • Time and temperature controlled ramp with max velocity settings 
    • Ramps (up or down) the temperature changing the set point of given amount (degrees/hour) 
  • Gravity controlled (interfaces with iSpindel and Tilt hydrometers) 
    • The system holds the temperature like the fixed point but considers a step completed once the gravity reaches the desired value. 
  • PID controller (for mashing) 
    • The system holds the desired temperature for the given time using PID control algorithm

The system is remotely controllable by means of a web application, and supports OTA updates.

Portable Network Graphics (PNG) - 71.02 kB - 10/15/2018 at 14:00


  • 1 × LoLin D1 mini
  • 1 × Optional OLED 1"33 I2C display
  • 1 × Optional HM-10 BLE module Needed if you intend to control fermentation using a Tilt hydrometer
  • 2 × BJT Transistors to drive relay output
  • 4 × Resistors to support BJTs

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  • Hello world!

    Carmine Moleti10/15/2018 at 14:05 0 comments

    The system is, as of now, stable and all functionalities, except for those PID related, have been tested.

    So fare there's a general lack of documentation which is something we are currently and actively working on.

    Contributions aimed at testing and/or documentation creation are very welcome!

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    Step 1

    Please take a look at the schematics file

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Carmine Moleti wrote 11/07/2018 at 15:43 point

Hi there,

A small update on project's status.

The system now "talks" to Brew Father App, can log fermentation temperatures as well as gravity points (if a digital hydrometer is configured).

The Android application and widget are now freely available on Google's play store.

Upon activation the Android application will be in "Lite" mode.

The web application is now available and perfectly identical to the Android one, and works on IOS and PC. You can find the web application at:

Since the integration with the I.O.B. platform, is now possible to save devices' list and their configuration so that you can share with your smart devices.


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