Floating Low Impact Rehab Trousers

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Using water as a medium in which the injured person is walking in, the impact of walking would be significantly lowered while increasing the resistance. The water would be placed on op of a moving platform in which the person could walk on.


For many injuries such as sprained ankles, ankle or skin fractures, or broken bones in the feet or shins recovery time and be greatly reduced if normal movement can be restored to the afflicted body part earlier. However, the daily impact a person endures is too much for the injured, the lower impact pants would allow for a injured person to start recuperative movements earlier and more often in the rehabilitation stage, resulting in a faster and more complete recovery. 


Similar to overalls or water waders in design, however much more baggy and larger. Filled with water, the bottom of the pants will be the boots, and the sole of the boots will be small treadmills. The bottom of the soles will most like have wheels which will propel it in the waned direction. The material of the pants will be made of flexible material, allowing for a large range of movement, including sitting down or slightly abnormal walking patterns. 

Prototyping Plan

  • To start out, the design and completion of the soles of the boots will be prioritized. Most likely through the use of two arduinos and X-bees, the two boots will "talk" with each other, allowing for the "rider" to walk on top of the two boot/soles normally.
  • A waterproof and airtight fabric will be used for the main parts of the pants. To start out, compressed air will be used in place of water, to allow for more room for failure and less mess. Once, the compressed air is successful, it will be substituted for water. If, water proves to be too heavy for the boots, air will then be substituted back in. 

Objective Deadlines

  1. Prototyping of the Boot - Dec. 7th 
  2. Completion of the Boot - Feb. 1st
  3. Creation of the Pants - March 15th
  4. Everything - Apr. 4th

  • 2 × Arduino
  • 4 × Brush less Motors
  • 2 × X-Bee To allow for Bluetooth connection between the two Arduinos
  • 1 × Bottom half of a super blob costume

  • Dec&Jan Update

    Fancy Justin01/23/2019 at 15:42 0 comments

    Updated Schedule for FLIRT

    • Boots Prototyping/Completion Date March 1st
    • Pants Completion Date March 15th
    • Overall Project completion April 1st

  • November Log

    Fancy Justin12/07/2018 at 16:44 0 comments

    • Prototyping of boots is proving to be much more difficult than planned
    • Motors, couplers and chassis have been decided on 
    • Brainstorming process of the prototype is over
      • Two different pulley systems will be used to both translate the boots forward and to tell the desired walking speed of the user.

  • Preliminary month for FLIRT

    Fancy Justin11/02/2018 at 15:41 0 comments


    Finalized Objectives

    1. Prototyping of the Boot
    2. Completion of the Boot
    3. Creation of the Pants

    Finalized Deadlines

    1. Prototyping of the Boot - Dec. 7th 
    2. Completion of the Boot - Feb. 1st
    3. Creation of the Pants - March 15th
    4. Everything - Apr. 4th

    Important considerations

    • How does the density of an object affect its ability to float while moving?
    • Components
    • Importance of boot prototyping
    • Consideration of integration of the two sections while creating boots prototype.

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