Fake Walkie-Talkie for Fake Ghost Tours

A GPS enabled audio device designed to look like an old walkie-talkie.

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The basic premise of the device is that it will allow the user to only play specific audio files when they are within a certain radius of a GPS location. My friend is working on a project called Fake Ghost Tours which is basically a comedy show that meets tourism. We brainstormed this idea and thought it would be a great piece of hardware to show off their new tour for the launch. It has the potential to turn into a real product!

The device runs on a HCC Module. It uses a PA6H for GPS, a VS1053 for audio control (via the SD Card), a PAM8302 amplifier, and finally some buttons, switches, and a speaker.

The body and parts were 3D printed through Shapeways. The body can be found here, and the coloured accessories found here. 

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