Hackaday Prize 2017

A project log for Game Boy Cartridge plus Programmer

not the first cartridge on this platform

davedarkodavedarko 04/20/2017 at 21:240 Comments

#WIFI Game Boy Cartridge - this is my entry for the prize. It is all based on the efforts I've made in this project. But everything I've done here was also in preparation for having an Internet connected Game Boy. Once the IoT segment of the prize is opened, I will submit the project to that as well.

There is currently a funding round, where every like get's you a dollar - you probably have already heard about that ;) It would be great if you could head over there and add a like to the project - feel free to remove the like once the funding is over and maybe give it back once everything works :D that would be pretty motivational.

Anyway, I wish all the contestants the best of luck!