Log -1 Transpotter 1.0

A project log for TranspOtter NG

TranspOtter? TranspOtter is an (autonomous) traffic concept that follows you and transports loads in everyday life.

Jana MarieJana Marie 11/07/2018 at 07:300 Comments

This build log will describes how we've build TranspOtter (1.0).

The base was made from cheap wooden boards, which where cut to size. We wanted TranspOtter to fit drinks and Euro crates, therefore our desired platform size is about ~380x580mm. To prevent the crates from slipping down, an edge was glued to the board. For protection a housing was prepared for the electronics.

For the motor mount the old hoverboard frames where cut to size and screwed to the base.

As motor driver the original hoverboard hardware was used with a custom firmware.