1kHz closed loop control of up to 16 motors over WiFi !

A project log for Linux-ESPNOW

An attempt at implementing a direct link between a linux station and an ESP module using ESPNOW protocol for real time robot control

thomas-flayolsThomas Flayols 09/12/2019 at 08:530 Comments

It's alive! Thanks to our ESP-NOW linux library, we are now able to do closed loop control of fast brushless motor at 1kHz wirelessly !!

For that we designed a small PCB hosting an ESP-32 and exposing 8 SPI lines. With this setup we can control up to 8 custom made dual BL motor drivers. On the experiment below, position of 6 motors where sent via ESP-NOW to a RT-Preempt PC. The PC where 10m away from the motors, computing torque (current) to servo 5 motors on the 6th one position.

Additionally, The board is including a Ethernet port. This provides a backup solution for non WiFi friendly environments.

The board is open source and will be integrated to a VERY exciting robotic project. 

More on that latter...

I think this board could also serve as a base for many other remote controlled robotic project. With the Ethernet cable, it makes a flexible solution for fast and real time communication with hardware.