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daniel.bryanddaniel.bryand 07/09/2014 at 13:290 Comments

I've been a bit busy lately with work and other things, but I did finally get around to ordering some parts I need to start experimenting.

The first ones that came in was my Adafruit order. I saw that they had the nRF8001 low power Bluetooth chip on a breakout board, perfect for prototyping!

I was also looking at their displays and saw something intriguing, a nice 8x8 led matrix that is 0.8" square. It is a bit thick, but with 6 of these, a die of about 1.2" cubed could be made with nice dynamic displays. Its a bit bigger than I'd like, but its not bad for a first try. (If anyone knows of a smaller display, please tell me in the comments!). I also ordered the 7 segment red bubble display from Sparkfun because its smaller.

Along with that led matrix came a controller backpack. On it is a HT16k33 I2C led matrix driver. this chip can actually drive a 16x8 matrix, so a 6 sided die would need 3 of these driver, or if I use 8 segment displays, only need 1 driver (maybe). I'll have to see if it comes in a smaller package as well.

Hopefully the rest of the components come in today and I find some time start playing with them. I'll keep you updated!